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The Shamrock Club of Lafayette County

Christmas of 2006

Joe and Sherry pause for a quick snapshot.

Christmas entertainment
Sara kept us well entertained with her singing and dancing.

This year our Christmas party was held  December 10th.  We met at The Wheel In, located in Shullsburg, WI.  We had some wonderful food...chicken,swiss steak, potatoes, vegetables and more.  Everyone definitely had their fill.  After dinner we watched the debut of our 25 year fundraiser video.  We are hoping to have them available for purchase soon.  Then of course it was time to let loose and have some fun.  Sara started the party with her singing and yodeling, what great entertainment.  Barbara started the dancing and she was almost unstoppable.  It was a great time shared by all.

Barbara danced the day away. She was unstoppable.

Kenny and Gib with the best seats in the house! Good drinks and great entertainment.

Here are many of our members enjoying each others company after a great meal.